10 ideas to give your wedding a wild Boho vibe

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10 ideas to give your wedding a wild Boho vibe

Free-spirited, wild, connected to nature and promoting a relaxed vibe, the Boho trend had our hearts from day 1. We love helping couples make their own traditions and getting a wedding true to who they are, so needless to say we are huge Boho advocates. Here are a few ideas to get your wedding a piece of Boho, be it a little Boho spirit or a full-blown Boho celebration.

Ethnic rugs

Walk the aisle in style with an ethnic-style runner. Choose bold colours such as red or blue. A simple Persian runner can transform your entrance and give it that Boho vibe even in a more modern setting. Alternatively, think free-spirit and do your walk over natural flower petals, fake feathers or accompanied by a llama!

A bell tent picnic reception

Our gorgeous bell tent suspension – faux florals and photo courtesy of Blooming Lovely Bouquet

With the glamping trend going strong, a bell tent (or tipi) reception is the ultimate Boho dream. A picnic offers that intimate feel and brings everyone together in a more laid-back reception. Think pallet furniture, cushions, campfire and dinner under the stars for a night to remember.

A flower crown or a head chain

Ditch the tradition and follow your bohemian heart with bridal hair accessories that will look stunning on your wedding photos. Get your florist to make a flower crown with your favourite flowers or choose a beaded head chain for a more vintage look.

An airy flowy dress

Bridalwear gets a breath of fresh air with plenty of designers offering lighter, simpler and dreamingly flowy wedding dresses. You can keep a more traditional A-line, opt for a short version or follow your wildest aspirations with coloured dress, floral prints, gorgeous lacework, pearls or even a pantsuit – the sky is the limit!

A naked cake or floral inspired cake

Naked cakes are a delight for the eye as you visually unfold the moreish contents long before dessert time! A simple vanilla and berry cake, skilfully frosted, is just an invitation to let our inner child indulge. Floral-decorated cakes also bring you that Boho connection to nature and colours. Want something a little more daring? Go for your favourite dessert and set up a donut bar, an ice-cream cart or a fairy floss stand!

A comfy chill area

Boho is all about relaxation and providing a chill area for your guests will enhance that experience. This is particularly true if your wedding is indoors and you cannot make the most of an outdoor space. Hang draping to create texture and provide an intimate setting in a tucked-away corner. You can create a stunning suspended world with dream catchers, macramé pieces and plants, as well as hammocks for your guests to chill in! Choose a plush velvet couch, rugs, plump cushions amongst lush potted plants for an inviting space.

Velvet is a trend building momentum in 2019!

Romantic lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in setting the right ambiance for any event. Light in a Boho atmosphere is such a pleasure to play with given the sheer number of gorgeous options you have. Fairy lights are a must-have for any mood lighting and do particularly well in trees or as a “naked marquee”. Lanterns are your best friends with any size or type – be it mosaic, coloured, paper, metallic or ethnic inspired – rendering stunning effects. Mix and match for best results and stock up on candles!

Pampas grass and natural furniture

Pampas grass’ fame and glory in decorating is widely due to its low-maintenance Boho vibe. Looking great in photos, you can use it to decorate your arbour, as a photo prop and for your reception area. Natural furniture, such as cane, is an easy way to get the nature in if you are indoor. Peacock chairs make showstopper newlyweds seats and add a little design flair to your reception.

Lawn games

Keep your guests occupied while the wedding party is busy looking their best for picture time. Lawn games are fun for all ages and are sure to get everyone playing from your youngest nephew to grandma. A lovely old-fashioned touch, lawn games are a craze which is ever-expending wish everything from crocket, towering blocks, bowls, circle-toss and pickup sticks getting the oversize treatment for our greatest delight.

Food trucks, spit roasts and out of the box catering

Dance at the beat of your own drum with your favourite food served!

Food gets people together and is the centre of your reception. Invite your favourite food trucks to share your favourite memories as a couple with your guests. If you are looking for something a bit more conventional, hire a spit roast caterer for a choice of tasty meats and veggies with an earthy taste. Transform the dinner experience as you wish with out of the box ideas such as make your own pizza, shared platters with one long table for everyone or a wild grazing platter going from entrees to dessert.

Want to get more ideas about planning the perfect Boho wedding? Head out to this article where we have been featured to get more floral and venue tips.

Go wild and follow your heart, share your Boho weddings and tips with us!

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